Home Funerals

A few years ago I watched as unknown representatives of a local funeral home arrived in their mini-van, came into my childhood family home and black-bagged my Mom on a gurney, rolled her down the drive and shoved her into the van to take her from our lives.  I remember watching that van drive away and howling to the world in grief.  I regret this treatment of my Mother’s remains every day.  It didn’t have to be that way.  We could have kept her there in the home she loved, bathed and dressed her, talked to her and prayed and better respected her 83 years of life and all the years of her mothering.

Home funerals allow for the family to retain the body of their loved one at home until they are ready to move the body to the place of burial or cremation. Until the mid-20th century, home funerals were common in the United States. With a home funeral and a green burial there is no need for embalming or expensive funeral home costs. Most people feel they must rush their deceased loved one to the funeral home. This is not true. You can continue to care for your loved one at home, taking the time you need to grieve and anoint or prepare the body, and when you are ready, take the body for burial, cremation, or scatter the ashes at sea with a beautiful memorial on the waves. All aspects of a funeral can be done at home or alternatively by a licensed funeral home. I am a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance and can answer your questions or serve your home funeral needs in the respectful privacy of your own home.