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Mediation has distinct advantages over litigation

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It’s private and costs a lot less. Litigation, by definition, is public and so the process and results are also public. The costs of attorneys and the courts may be catastrophic and still leave one side completely unsatisfied. Mediation is a fast and inexpensive way to resolve disputes and offers win-win solutions. If you want to reduce your costs, keep your process private, greatly speed the time to an agreement, and have a win-win solution in which relationships can be maintained, choose mediation.

While conflict is a normal part of our every-day lives, it can often be uncomfortable, isolating and counterproductive, at home or in the workplace. When you find yourself in a dispute with a family member, fellow employee, manager, or colleague, mediation can help you resolve issues in a private, confidential, and expeditious manner. In comparison, litigation is a “zero-sum game” in which one side wins and one side loses, all at great financial cost.

Mediation is different. It’s based upon communication and an intention to come to a satisfying and fair agreement that serves both parties. Mediators are trained to find workable outcomes, not to punish the “losing” side. In mediation the goal is to find a solution, a workable outcome that is at the very least acceptable to all parties. Mediators cannot make decisions or force decisions on the parties involved in the dispute.

How does mediation work?

  • Brief consultation by phone.
  • Initial 30 to 60 minute in-person or conference call consultation.
  • In person joint sessions with all parties. Ground rules are agreed to and each participant’s objectives and needs are outlined. During the first meeting, the lead explains the process and answers questions. After the parties have told their side of the story, the mediator may ask for clarification or elaboration on particular issues. Following the joint session, the lead or co-mediator may meet with each party separately to discuss the issues in greater detail and to gain a better sense of how the parties would like to resolve the dispute. In these meetings, the lead or co-mediator helps the parties try to find an appropriate way to solve their problems.
  • Agreement and Signing: At the end of the process, a detailed written agreement is developed and signed by both parties.

What’s different about my mediation?

My mediation’s are respect-based and emotional safety for all is always maintained. This means I build into the processes and procedures explicit mechanisms designed to enhance the feeling of safety, respectful communication and personal dignity. The result is faster, fairer, more enduring agreements.

What kind of outcome can I expect?

You can expect to come to terms that are acceptable. If you agree to at least respect the view-point of your counterpart contestant across the table from you and if you are honest about your needs; if you agree to hear and be heard, you can expect satisfaction. If you want to “win” and your counterpart to “lose” you should consider litigation.

What kind of mediation do you do?

  • Workplace & Organizational – disputes between co-workers or between employee and employer
  • Family – disputes between family members, spouses or parents-children
  • Community & Civil – disputes between neighbors or between company and citizen populace
  • Environmental – disputes between stake-holders in environmental issues
  • Restorative Justice – Peace circles, conflict resolution

Mediation yields outcomes that may also allow the parties to continue with their relationship. Our objective in mediation is to deliver an enduring agreement that feels fair to all.
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Our experience as negotiators and negotiation trainers spans three decades and includes contracts of all sorts and sizes and collective bargaining up to a $500,000,000 multi-year contract. We specialize in negotiations and mediation where healing and bridge-building is required in the process of the negotiation so that the resulting contract is optimal for all sides. Our style is to involve as many of the stake-holders to the process as possible.

Our negotiation services include:

  • Business Contracts
  • Pre Contract Signing Consultations
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Healthcare
  • Small and large
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Restorative Justice

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