Peace Circles

Communication, Healing or Peace Circles are designed to open communication, bring understanding and address harms done.  Peace or Restorative Justice Circles use traditional adn proven techniques to create an environment where all interested parties can speak openly and join in a shared search for understanding of the event and identify the steps necessary to begin the healing process and prevent further suffering.  Circles are useful for bullying, family or community conflict, crime and resolution, victim-offender meetings, team building or trauma.    The basic principles of Peace Circles are respect, open communication, paying attention to harm done and obligations created by those harms in order to make things as right as possible.  In a peace circle there is no cross-talk – everyone gets to speak without interruption.  Some types of circles:

  • Communication and Understanding
  • Bullying
  • Family Crisis
  • School Discipline and Bullying
  • Forgiveness
  • Discrimination
  • Neighborhood Tension and Community Conflict
  • Environmental Disputes
  • Workplace Disagreements
  • Victim – Offender and Victim Support
  • Sentencing
  • Transition, Re-entry and Reintegration (into community or school)

Teen girl holding a card that says no bullying

Group therapy. Group of people sitting close to each other and communicating

“I’d like to try to say (in a poem)
the words I have to thank
For all that you have done
For what you have shown
who faltering in books
or bending at the waist
or tending beside the bed (as chaplains)
— we looked in your direction to see
you teaching
you crying
you showing the way to a newer, brighter land.

THANK YOU Robert Drake
for your utter brilliance of mind, body, spirit-soul.

Much love, and deepest respect to you ~ “

Kate W., Student and Colleague, March 2015

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