I came all the way from Oregon for one of the most memorable experiences of my life!! We sailed the San Francisco water front, under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. It was a day of learning, laughter and magical views. I recommend everyone experience such adventure at least once in life.
Amber S., Portland, OR | 9/27/2016
A few of my girlfriends and I booked a day of sailing on the SF bay with Captain Bob. It was spectacular. The views were incredible. We spent the day sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, around Angel Island and along the city front of San Francisco. At the end of the day we felt relaxed, refreshed and proud of the sailing skills we’d learned. It was a great bonding experience and wonderful memory. The boat is beautiful, very roomy and felt safe. Captain Bob was great and I highly recommend enjoying a day on the bay.
Rebecca D., Los Angeles, CA | 9/26/2016
Chaplain Bob was instrumental in guiding my Dad to his peaceful and spiritual passing. My Dad took an instant liking to him and built a genuine trust telling him his confidential and very emotional feelings. Preparing for his death, leaving his wife and kids, My Dad looked to Bob for advice and guidance. Bob led our family in many talks, helping us all come to grip (I have 2 bothers and 2 sisters, big family) and speak openly about the inevitable. We all came to love Bob, as I personally spoke to him about many of my confusing emotions. Bob always listened non-judgmentally and assured me, every thought and emotion I had was very normal under the circumstances.

My sister and I would have had a much more difficult time maneuvering this path without Bob. So much so, we actually asked Bob to have the privilege of leading my Dads funeral and burial services. He did a wonderful job reading scripture as well as adding personal stories to the testimonial. I will never forget what Bob did for me and my family. I will always carry him in my heart, as will my Dad as he awaits his friendship again in heaven.

Magdalena S., San Jose, CA | 12/4/2015
My Mother and I had our first Ocean Soul Renewal experience on the San Francisco Bay yesterday. It was awesome, amazing and spiritually uplifting! mI would totally recommend Ocean Soul Renewal to anyone to help you find your inner peace with the care and guidance that Robert Drake so graciously offers!
Debbie L., Huntington Beach, CA | 7/23/2016
Earlier this year our family set sail to scatter my Father’s remains in The San Francisco Bay. Chaplain Bob Drake sailed the boat and melded with our family in what was a meaningful and spiritual farewell. Bob knew just what to say as we sipped wine and shared memories. Chaplain Bob hosted us aboard a comfortable sailboat and found us the perfect spot near Angel Island to drop the flower laden basket with my Dad’s ashes. We are so grateful for Bob’s compassion and dedication to making this farewell just right.
Howard S., Sausalito, CA | 11/26/2015

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