Pretty young woman steering sailboatChoose a workshop that speaks to grieving and healing, life change and hope or communication. Although a lot of Ocean Soul Renewal trainings entail workshops on the water aboard a fleet of spacious sailboats, some are land-based and some combine sailboat and land-based formats. For those who can not board a sailboat, or simply want an in-office visit, private, office sessions are available. What is important in all we do is improving the healthy nature of your spirit in your relationships with yourself, others, your work and your dreams. This is done through an experience of Nature, upon the San Francisco Bay or other beautiful ocean locations around the world.

This work is effective and spiritually grounded; with the feeling of connectedness to your inner and outer world as you explore your deeper self through grieving and healing in a skillfully supported environment. You will create a new future narrative, a new vision that is both hopeful and healthy. If you want to, try your hand at the sailboat helm or hoist and drop a sail. There is nothing like the openness of the Ocean to release your worry and grief and there is nothing like sailing to give you a new vision and wonder in your life… you never know, you might just find new hope and the tools to manifest your dreams.

Ocean Soul Renewal is proud to have the award-winning Modern Sailing of Sausalito, CA is our Service Partner for sailboat charters for our workshops. Our boats are maintained ship-shape and ready to sail you to renewal and freedom.

Healing from Grief, Loss and Change – On the Water

Healing from the grief of loss of parent, child, life partner, pet or physical functionality can take a very long time. What therapists and ministers find is that we tend to just cover over our wounds rather than allowing ourselves to feel the pain and incorporate what was wonderful and difficult about those loved ones we have lost. This leaves us suffering alone on the inside, low of hope and energy, sometimes leading even to illness. There is another way – feel in safety what we have lost, remember the good things and incorporate the hard memories. We do this in safe and intimate surroundings where others understand. Then, when on the water, let it out. Yes, let out the locked up grief and anger and suffering where you can wail, if you need to, without worry of being misunderstood.

This is a small group workshop of five or six people on board a beautiful sailboat on the San Francisco Bay. We also offer a land-based class with a free, optional three hour graduation sail on the San Francisco Bay where we may “dip” the Golden Gate Bridge, taking you under this gorgeous monument and into the delicious swells of the Pacific Ocean. Call for details.

Sail for an hour to a quiet place on the Bay where you will explore your feelings on the water with no pressure to stifle your voice. Anchor in a private place and work together with your facilitator and small group and take some time to be alone on the bay, have a nice lunch, work together for a few hours, then sail back to port with new understanding, integration of your loss and more hope and direction for the future.  Call for pricing and availability.

Healing from Grief, Loss and Change – On the Land

This is an experiential seminar taught by a non-denominational hospice and clinical chaplain and life-change counselor.  Healing from the grief of your loss of a parent, child, life partner, personal safety, job, pet, or physical functionality can take a very long time under the best of conditions. Even receiving a terrible medical diagnosis can be shattering and debilitating.  Often we don’t really work with the deep feelings of grief, loss, fear and confusion that overwhelm us after a sudden loss or trauma. We may collapse into despair, move into hopelessness or anger, or lose our ability to see the light, love and excitement in our lives.

When we experience loss or trauma we tend to cover over our wounds rather than allowing ourselves to feel the pain and incorporate what was wonderful and difficult about who or what was lost.  Friends tell us to “get over it” or “get on with it.”  Our grief is supposed to just stop.  But it doesn’t.  This leaves us suffering alone on the inside, low of hope and energy, sometimes leading to illness.

We can, with huge effort cover up the wound but it doesn’t just go away.  Instead, it comes and goes in waves, resurfacing and triggered when we least expect it.  We “stuff it,” and we also stuff our sense of vitality, emotional and physical health, hope and healthy spontaneity.

There is another way – to deeply feel what we have lost, to remember the good things and incorporate the hard memories. We do this in safe and intimate surroundings where others are going through such change and where confidential ground-rules promote inward looking and outward expression.

This two-day, small group workshop will take place in the beautiful surroundings of Harmonia spa in Sausalito.  It will culminate with a free celebratory three-hour sail on board a beautiful 36’ yacht on the final afternoon, sailing out of Sausalito, under the Golden Gate Bridge and along the SF City front.  At the end of the workshop you will re-enter your life with new understanding, integration of your loss and new hope and direction for the future.  You will have begun or furthered your healing and change process and moved along the road to renewal.

Come explore your griefs, your losses.  Come and take a chance with your own ability to explore and hold your traumatic losses and changes.  Come and find renewal and healing in a safe place and then feel the joy of a sailing celebration!  Bring artifacts like pictures, objects, or music of a person or time whose loss you are grieving.  Price: $345

Restorative Justice I:  Intro to The Principles and Practice of Restorative Justice and Peace Circles – 3 Days

This is an experience-based training meant to give you solid practice in applying the principles of RJ to steward RJ/Peace Circles in a variety of environments where conflict and trauma can be addressed.   You will learn the tools to begin practicing restorative justice and peace circles at home, work, school and community.  We will also begin to explore the application of RJ techniques to healing trauma, and this course serves as an introduction to the next level of certification where you will establish and lead your own restorative justice circles as Circle Keepers.

The final level in this three-part series will give advanced certification in Restorative Justice, Trauma and Forgiveness (recommended for therapists, social workers, nurses, attorneys and teachers).

20 hours of practical skills development designed to develop facility with Circle processes in the following applications:

  • Family conflicts
  • Interpersonal conflicts at home, neighborhood and workplace
  • School discipline and bullying
  • Discrimination

Designed as a stand-alone course, this is also the first of a three level certificate program and is equivalent to the graduate course taught by the instructor at the Graduate Theological Union as “Restorative Justice, Trauma and Forgiveness” for chaplains, teachers, nurses, lawyers and psychotherapists.  Tuition: $395

Restorative Justice II – Intermediate Practice of Restorative Justice and Peace Circles3 Days

This class will take your peace circle facilitation skills to the next level.  In this intermediate course we begin to go deeper into family, school, workplace and community practice.  We will explore the application of RJ techniques to healing trauma in survivors of violence, abuse and crime.  We will see RJ at work in various types of life circumstances.  We will look at the workings of PTSD in the brain.  We will talk about the workings and appropriateness of forgiveness.  Practically, you will create and lead your own restorative justice circle in the environment you feel called to work or practice in; this may be at schools, at work, in the prison system or at home.

The next and final level of this three-part series will lead to initial certification as Circle Keeper in Restorative Justice, Trauma and Forgiveness (recommended for therapists, social workers, nurses, attorneys and teachers, managers and parents).  Tuition: $395

Restorative Justice III,  Beginning Practitioner Certification – 3 Days

In addition to being emotionally satisfying and personally transformative, this final level of the three-part RJ series will give you an understanding of Restorative Justice, Trauma and Forgiveness and a solid basis for beginning your RJ practice or employing it in your life.  Recommended for therapists, social workers, nurses, attorneys, teachers, managers and parents.  The third class will integrate everything you have learned in the certification process and test your skills at circle facilitation.  This course is designed to develop facility with Circle processes in the following applications:

  • Family conflicts and family councils
  • Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
  • Victim support and trauma recovery
  • Child abuse and neglect cases
  • Sexual and abuse trauma
  • Neighborhood and community trauma or conflicts
  • Discrimination
  • Interpersonal conflicts at home and in the workplace
  • School discipline, conflict and bullying
  • Juvenile offenders
  • Juvenile and adult sentencing or reintegration

Note:  There is significant reading involved in this certification process. No testing except practically running your own RJ/peace circle in class.

3 Level Course Certificate Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to demonstrate the following knowledge and skills:

  • Be able to articulate the foundational elements, values and principles of Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Circles as they apply to victim/ survivor trauma
  • Understand and explain relationship of Restorative Justice to healing, community building and justice
  • Understand the spiritual roots of Restorative Justice and its relationship to healing injustice, trauma and moral injury
  • Personally experience the utility of Restorative Justice circles as they might relate to one’s own trauma or loss
  • Effectively facilitate a Restorative Justice or Peace Circle in multiple settings
  • Certified as Restorative Justice Practitioner
    Tuition: $395

Planning for Fun and Joy – A Couples’ Workshop – 1 Day

This couples only workshop helps you put the fun back in your relationship by creating a Fun Plan for the two of you to follow and explore through the coming year.  You will take a close look at what you both find fun and satisfying and make a roadmap to include those things in your life, as individuals and as a couple.   You and your partner will have fun exploring what makes you happiest, these may be activities you have been hesitant to share your needs about.    By finding what feeds your own spirit most you will move to understand your partner’s fun needs, then form a plan to share these activities together. The result of this workshop will be deeper understanding of what brings the greatest joy, understand the importance of what might be missing, and then align on finding ways to give or share these experiences with each other to make the most fun and exciting things manifest in your lives together.

Forgiveness – Training and Practice – 2 Day

This two-day seminar helps you explore the things and people you want or need to forgive in your life, whether or not you should forgive, and practice forgiving if it is time to forgive.  We will study some of the great spiritual teachers on the spiritual and emotional benefits of forgiveness, and begin to practice the art of forgiveness.  Here are some of the questions we will explore:

  • What is forgiveness?
  • Who should forgive?
  • Why forgive?
  • Benefits of forgiveness

There is a little reading required for this workshop but it is thought provoking, beautiful and inspirational.  On the first day we will talk about forgiveness as a goal that is not always appropriate or timely and begin to explore our own life-scapes with lingering unfinished business.  On the second day we will begin the hard work of discerning whether or not it is time to forgive and, if it is, begin that process.    What and who have you not forgiven?  Society and culture, parents, spouses and partners, siblings or the medical or justice system?  All of these can haunt you and steal your energy and capacity to love and be present to your life.  Take a chance. Come and explore…

Preparing for Loss 1

Sailing yacht in Lefkada GreeceMany of us can see great loss coming down the road for us. You may be the spouse or parent of someone diagnosed with cancer or Alzheimer’s. You may be approaching divorce, retirement, or “empty nest syndrome.” This interactive workshop will help you understand what your deepest needs are for that upcoming time of loss and help prepare you to deal with the challenges to come in a proactive, healthy manner. You will come out of this first level of preparing for loss exploration with tools to help you as you move toward your time of trial. You will experience companionship in sorrow and fear, inner strength and hope.

Ocean Soul Renewal

Sailing yacht in Lefkada GreeceThis is our signature workshop designed to explore your spiritual needs and breathe new vitality and hope into your life through renewal of your relationship with your dreams and your Spirit. It is two evenings on land and one day on the ocean exploring your inner barriers, wounds and dreams. This experiential class is designed to leave you enthralled with life’s possibilities, ready and willing to try and experience new things with vitality and trust in yourself.

One Last Sail – While you or your loved one can still appreciate the freedom!

Taking to the water for one last sail before a big loss, while there is still life and mobility. For those who have lived their lives on, near or close to the water or simply for those who are coming near to the end of their lives, a sail on the ocean in the company of loved ones can be healing and leave you all with a memory of peace, exhilaration and adventure that will last forever. Let the wind lead you. Let the water heal you. Cost for three hour sail for up to six people is $995. We sail out of Sausalito.

Re-Imagine your Future!

Create a new future narrative that you can live toward in hope and joy! One of the reasons we lose energy and hope during change or after loss is because we can’t see clearly a future that we want to believe in. Sometimes the future we see is just too difficult to go forward with. This workshop will give you the tools to create a new vision for the future. Using tools of journaling, silent contemplation and dialogue in the company of a few other searchers/adventurers, you will generate a vision and new future narrative of your life.

Viktor Frankl, the famous psychiatrist and holocaust survivor said that existential emptiness occurs when we are haunted by our feeling of inner emptiness, an “existential vacuum.” If we don’t experience meaning in life we simply give up Life does not have to go on this way. We can engage the tension between the meaning that has to be found and fulfilled and the person (you) who must fulfill it. How? How do we move from despair and hopelessness to a meaningful life? How can you become enchanted by life once more?

You can find new meaning by exploring the raw edge of experience, engaging with the fear of failure and the risk that we might hope and try… and fail. In this workshop we explore our fears, spiritual and emotional mechanisms that keep us stuck in our fears. Through journaling and deep interpersonal encounters with each other and ourselves we learn and engage tools on a path of discovery that can lead us back to ourselves and the meaning and thrill we are looking for in our lives.

Communication Workshops

Speak Your Truth

The world needs your truth and your voice. This workshop was designed for both men and women to help you get what you want. When do you stuff your truth and what does it cost you? We all do it and the costs to us in results, life satisfaction, even health (cancer and heart disease) can be catastrophic. At the very least – not asking for what you want and need can limit your satisfaction and personal growth. Learn how and when you habitually “settle” to play it safe and and take care of everyone else but yourself.

Leigh Fonseca, MA, Entrepreneur
Robert Drake, owner of Ocean Soul Renewal
Robert Drake, owner of Ocean Soul Renewal and Leigh Fonseca, MA, entrepreneur and National Association of Professional Women “Woman of the Year” guide you through discovery of your personal truths and needs and share tools to help you speak your truth and have what you want.

If you want to transform your life’s results, join us for this amazing experience of change and self-ownership!

Personal Totem Pole – Healing through Personal Deep Imagery and the Kabbalah – 1 Day Workshop

The Personal Totem Pole is an internal guidance system. It is our interior personality with sub-personalities, character, strengths, fears and needs, expressed in the imagery of animals. These animals express the quality and nature of different aspects of our inner and larger selves. They represent the gestalt, the wholeness of ourselves, our needs, wants and values.  The process of the personal totem pole and chakra imagery as a modern personal exploratory tool was developed by Eligio Stephen Gallegos, PhD, through his study of different deep imagery systems, especially those of the Northwest Coast Native Americans, supplemented with the Kabbalah system of “The Tree of Life.”

The effectiveness of the Personal Totem Pole as a therapeutic modality and source of wisdom and self-understanding is due to the completely individual and personal nature of the imagery. The imagery, the personalities, the strengths and weaknesses emerge from the deep psychic wells of our own past and from our own body.  We do guided trance work but nothing is suggested – everything that comes to you is authentic to your own nature and experience.

Understanding your Totem/Chakra animals will be facilitated by Gallegos’ Deep Imagery and using the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the ancient Jewish mystical system of spiritual psychology. Exploring through deep introspection, the var5klious “energy gateways,” or chakras in your body, while in a deep state of relaxation or light “trance,” you can allow the quality of that energy to express itself as animal, vegetable or elemental imagery and communicate with it. By dialoguing with these “characters” and by facilitating the interaction between the various totem animals, we allow the expression of our deepest strengths, needs and fears – in other words: self-understanding. Emotional and psychic healing occurs spontaneously when these parts of ourselves find expression, are allowed to speak and are listened to. Spiritual and psychic development happens naturally when those aspects of ourselves are accepted and allowed to grow again, their voices no longer silenced. The growth and development of the individual animals results in the unification of our various corresponding personality and energetic parts and results in a feeling of integrated wholeness.

Qualitative changes in our behavior, our outlook on life, our experience of ourselves in relationship with the demands of our lives occur when we have a sense of ourselves as whole, un-fragmented beings. When we respect, own and communicate with each important part of our deeper selves, and with different parts of our body (physical, spiritual and energetic, we find self-acceptance and healing. Our self-esteem grows, and with it our effectiveness in navigating the storms and demands of life. When we go into own inner self for the answers to our questions we act with greater confidence and strength. When we act with confidence, from a position of personal power, we have no need to manipulate or fear others. We become self-possessed and self-guided. Through the process of identifying and accepting the diversity within ourselves we become capable of accepting the important differences among people. We open ourselves to love, energy, power.

Morning – Meeting Your Totem Animals as Parts of Your Deep Self

The morning session involves an introduction into Totem Deep Imagery, then you will go into trance and identify and communicate with your own personal totem animals. The first insight into personal patterns and deep, old fears and needs comes from this initial contact. This morning session will show which parts of yourself are isolated, in hiding or frightened, or have stopped growing for one reason or another. In addition to wounding, you will also see where strength, leadership and personal creativity reside within you and get clues about how to manifest your strength and creativity by communicating with important but ignored parts of your psyche. Clear needs are uncovered here with clear and specific requests for need satisfaction and fulfilment to facilitate their (your) healing, safety and growth.

Afternoon – The Totem Council – Bringing Your Parts Together to Communicate and Heal

This is where we convene the Council of Totem Animals, your first opportunity to see how “they” as aspects of yourself relate to each other and to your awareness. Here you experience clearly who shows leadership, who harmonizes or mediates, who placates, who cowers, who is frozen, who leads and explores, who is the voice of disharmony or criticism of self and others. You will have an opportunity to gain acceptance and understanding of yourself within the context of your different qualities, your different voices, needs, chakras. Part of the exploratory process involves the overt expression of love and acceptance by the larger group in Council toward your various totem animals.  This seminar serves as an introduction to both Deep Personal Imagery and the Kabbalah.
Price: $175


Ask for What You Want!

Many people are are hesitant or afraid to ask for what they want; or are hesitant and afraid to do so. What has been the cost of this inability – in frustration, pay and promotions, in relationship “settling” and misunderstandings? To get what you want, you must be able to ask for it. In our society women, especially are socialized to wait for what for their needs to be satisfied over time – women are often hesitant to ask for what they want.

This seminar will ask you to look at your experience of your own special powers or lack of empowerment as a woman or as a man. You will understand the habits that keep you from asking for and having what you want out of your life, assess and acknowledge your strengths and abilities. Explore your real desires and begin the process of creating an action plan for getting them. You will gain practice asking for what you want in ways that still honor your femininity, authenticity and values. You can then take these new skills into the workplace and your relationships. This workshop is not co-educational – we offer separate courses for women and men.

At the end of this course you will be better to understand your true needs and have practiced new skills to ask for and get what you want. How is this accomplished? Through a combination of:

  • Journaling
  • Guided meditation
  • Teaching methodology
  • Risk taking
  • Small group interaction and feedback
  • Role playing
  • Personal development initiatives and SMART goal setting
  • Colleague support

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. To explore personal habits and attitudes that limit your ability to ask for and get what you want in life.
  2. To learn and practice eight (8) new tools and habits that support your ability to ask for and have what you want and the life you want.
  3. To set three (3) goals for life satisfaction and authenticity enhancement with action plans to make them happen.

Why commit two days of your life to this workshop?

  • Imagine having your partner do or stop doing one thing that really bothers or hurts you? What would this be worth to you? How much less suffering and how much more relationship satisfaction could you have if you knew how to effectively ask for what you want and need?
  • If you were able to negotiate your needs better – a pay raise, more vacation or a better deal on a new car or house? What would this be worth to you? Two days in this workshop on a beautiful sailboat could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your income over the years.

Cost of the workshop:

Saturday-Sunday – $895

7 hours aboard each day, lunch and refreshments provided

Thursday-Friday – $795 ($100 discount)

7 hours aboard each day, lunch and refreshments provided

Team-building on the Bay

Using the principles of T.R.I.C.K.™  – Trust, Respect, Intention, Communication and Knowledge you will explore yourself and your team communication dynamics to get to a place of functional effectiveness where individual strengths are respected.  Team-building workshops for corporate, school, family and congregations.

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